Hifth Classes

Our Center began with a Full-Time Hifth course in 1997. We have initiated a Part-Time Hifth program from the start of 2010.

Full-Time & Part-Time

Our Center began with a Full-Time Hifth course in 1997. We have initiated a Part-Time Hifth program from the start of 2010 as well. The Holy Qur’an deserves commitment and requires a memoriser who is adept in balancing his/her time between life’s requirements and looking after the Holy Book.In a Part-Time Hifth class the learner is exposed to what the responsibility of preserving the Holy Book is really like. Along with school-work, family and friends, time is made to memorize and preserve the Holy Book.

We offer the Part-Time facility at our center from Monday to Thursday for one and a half hours per day and two hours on Saturday mornings for those requesting or requiring additional attention.Constant assessment is made on progress and the learner is supported by an experienced team of tutors, armed with learning aids and various methods of empowering the young learners.




With more than 30 Hifth schools in the Cape it is surprising that there are no structured programmes in place for the Hafith after completion.This is a much needed area of attention as there is a multitude of hifth graduates who lose touch with their tutors, peers, institutions and ultimately with the Holy Book itself after completion, undermining all the effort previously put in to memorizing the Holy Text. We offer the support required to maintain the memorization of the Holy Book as preserving it on your own is a mammoth task. Various Huffath attend our center at various times on different days of the week merely to touch base and revise. We monitor their efforts, motivate them and keep in touch with them, showing support and shared commitment to the preservation of the Holy Book.


Qira'ah / Qasidah

An exciting avenue of interest is the practice sessions where vocally talented individuals are given access to a professional sound system on which to hone their talents in Quranic recitation and Arabic Qasidah.

Recognized Qur’an reciters assist each other in honing their abilities and youngsters are exposed to vocal techniques starting from exercises through Qasidah performances. This is indeed a first in our community and a much needed service working toward an elevated standard of vocal performance by our very own artists.


Adult Hifth Classes

We are proud to formally facilitate hifth classes for adults.The adult learner makes an outstandingly good student because he/she values their time, they understand concepts like discipline and timemanagement and most importantly, they realize the spirituality involved in studying the Holy text. All adults are accommodated in whatever times suit them best and attend our center at least once per week.


Adult Recital Programmes

Adult Recital Programmes Our center facilitates recital classes for adults over set periods of time addressing selected chapters of the Holy Qur’an. This is an area of attention that is generally neglected and the response to our programmes have been overwhelming.